Stock shape of PEEK for fine machining with anti-static property

Heat resistanceAnti-static/Conductive

 Compression molding 

SCM5100-50 (Silver PEEK50) is a stock shape of PEEK for fine machining with anti-static property made by compression molding: PBI Method.

Characteristics of SCM5100-50

Mechanical property:
High modulus

Possible finer machining
Easy to deburr after machining

Electrical property:
Stable ESD property between fine pitch holes
Surface resistance: 109–1012 Ω

Wear resistance:
Excellent wear resistance

Water absorption:
Stable dimensions and electrical properties because of low water absorption

Easy to identify from IC chips because of gray color material

Typical properties of SCM5100-50

Item Condition Standard Unit Property
Tensile strength 23°C ISO 527 MPa 90
Tensile strain at break
23°C ISO 527 % 1.0
Flexural strength 23°C ISO 178 MPa 150
Flexural modulus 23°C ISO 178 GPa 15
Charpy notched impact strength
23°C ISO 179 kJ m-2 1.5
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion < Tg JIS K7197 ppm °C-1 26
Surface resistance 23°C ANSI/ESD STM11.13 Ω
Water absorption 23°C, 24 hr ISO 62 % 0.10

These values are not to be construed as specifications.


Lineup of SCM5100-50

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