PI (Polyimide) | 6R00 series


PI polymer has a wide range of applications, e.g., aerospace, automotive, electric and electronic fields, and so on, because of its great mechanical, thermal, electrical, and chemical properties.

The base polymer of SCM6R00 series is the polyimide made from biphenyltetracarbonic acid dianhydride (BPDA) and synthesized by UBE Industries in Japan. SCM6R00 series stock shape is also molded in Japan.

SCM6R00 series shows excellent heat resistance like other polyimides and is expected to be used in wide range of several fields under high temperature.

Typical properties of  PI

Item Condition Standard Unit Property
Glass transition temperature: Tg - DSC °C
Tensile strength 23°C ISO 527 MPa 115
Tensile elongation 23°C ISO 527 % 4.5
Flexural strength 23°C ISO 178 MPa 190
Flexural modulus 23°C ISO 178 GPa 4.0
Charpy impact strength, notched 23°C ISO 179 kJ m-2 6.5


PI - Stock shapes

PI | Compression molding

SCM6R00 | PI


Stock shape of 100% polyimide

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