Heat resistance
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The base polymers of all PBI Advanced Materials products are called high performance plastics and have good heat resistance.

When you use plastic materials on high temperature conditions, you should consider long-term heat resistance and short-term heat resistance depending on each application.


Long-term heat resistance

Long-term aging of plastics under high temperature largely affects decomposition and degradation, at that time, the properties of materials are deteriorated. That highly depends on the base polymers property because the decomposition, degradation, and deterioration are caused by chemical reaction of base polymers.

In general, relative thermal index (RTI) as UL 746B is useful to judge the long-term heat resistance of base polymers. RTI is the temperature which makes the polymer properties half when the polymer is exposed for 40,000 hours.


Short-term heat resistance

Long-term heat resistance is based on chemical stability under no load, and short-term heat resistance is based on physical stability––Plastics become soft, deformed, and broken in high temperature conditions. Short-term heat resistance depends on not only base polymers but also fillers which is able to prevent the polymer deformation and breaking.

Heat deflection temperature (HDT) can be referred to the index of short-term heat resistance. HDT shows the temperature in which the materials deflect under load.

Glass transition temperature (Tg) and crystalline melting temperature (Tm) are also helpful index of materials thermal properties.

Amorphous polymers become soft at Tg and over (changes of the phase from glass to rubber) and crystalline polymers melt at Tm and over (changes of the phase from solid to liquid).

The following table shows the thermal properties of polymers PBI Advanced Materials uses.


Thermal property of base polymers

  RTI (Elec.) / °C HDT / 1.8 MPa / °C Tg / °C Tm / °C
UPI | 8000 series
Not tested
PBI | 7000 series Not tested 410 420 -
PI | 6000 series Not tested 320 335 -
PI | 6R00 series - - - -
TPI | 6000 series 240 230 250 (400)
PEEK | 5000 series 260 150 140 340
PEI | 4000 series 170 200 220 -
PES | 3000 series 180 200 225 -
PPS | 2000 series 200 105 90 280


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