Stock shape of PEEK for fine machining with anti-static property

Heat resistanceAnti-static/Conductive

 Compression molding 

SCM5100 (Silver PEEK) is a stock shape of PEEK for fine machining with anti-static property made by compression molding: PBI Method.

Characteristics of SCM5100

Possible finer machining
Easy to deburr after machining

Electrical property:
Stable ESD property between fine pitch holes
Surface resistance: 109–1012 Ω

Wear resistance:
Excellent wear resistance

Water absorption:
Stable dimensions and electrical properties because of low water absorption

Easy to identify from IC chips because of gray color material

Typical properties of SCM5100

Item Condition Standard Unit Property
Tensile strength 23°C ISO 527 MPa 80
Tensile strain at break
23°C ISO 527 % 1.0
Flexural strength 23°C ISO 178 MPa 100
Flexural modulus 23°C ISO 178 GPa 8.0
Charpy notched impact strength
23°C ISO 179 kJ m-2 1.2
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion < Tg JIS K7197 ppm °C-1 38
Surface resistance 23°C ANSI/ESD STM11.13 Ω
Water absorption 23°C, 24 hr ISO 62 % 0.09

These values are not to be construed as specifications.


Lineup of SCM5100

Shape Square / mm Thickness / mm MOQ/SPQ
Plate 305 15 1/1

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