TPI (Thermoplastic Polyimide)


TPI polymer is an amorphous when it is made by injection molding. Amorphous polymer shows better dimensional stability than crystalline or semi-crystalline polymer.

On the other hand, special treatment for amorphous TPI makes the crystallinity increasing. When the crystallinity of TPI increases, the thermal property is largely improved: the heat deflection temperature of natural TPI shows 315°C.

It is possible for PBI Advanced Materials to make an amorphous TPI by injection molding and a highly crystallized TPI by compression molding.

Typical properties of  TPI

Item Condition Standard Unit Property
Glass transition temperature: Tg - DSC °C ~250
Tensile strength 23°C ISO 527 MPa 90
Tensile strain at break
23°C ISO 527 % 90
Flexural strength 23°C ISO 178 MPa 135
Flexural modulus 23°C ISO 178 GPa 2.9
Charpy notched impact strength
23°C ISO 179 kJ m-2 -


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