SCM5100 series

SCM5100 series (Silver PEEK series) is a unique product having anti-static properties and precision machinability. SCM series shows very small warpage through machining process and less anisotropy because SCM series is molded by “PBI Method“. The residual stress inside of SCM series is also small. That means it is possible to reduce the machining cost.



Surface resistance: 106–1010 Ω

SCM5100 has 109–1012 Ω surface resistance and gets a good review of anti-static and slow leakage properties which is effective to reduce electro-static discharge (ESD). This time, we added new grade of SCM5100 series adjusting the surface resistance to 106–1010 Ω because we have got a request for the range of this surface resistance from our customers. We developed the new grade “SCM5130” , whose surface resistance is 106–1010 Ω, and started the sales.




Technique for controlling the surface resistance

In general, it is very difficult to control the surface resistance around 106 Ω. Plastics normally show electrical insulation, and we need to add conductive filler, mainly carbon material, to give conductive property to plastics. Then, the controlling of the carbon material’s concentration is very sensitive to the surface resistance in the rage of around 106 Ω.

To break this difficulty, we selected several types of conductive fillers, who show different surface resistance each others, and optimized the material composition. Repeating trial production so many times reaches us to the success of controlling the surface resistance of SCM5130.

SCM5130 shows almost the same mechanical properties as SCM5100, and the surface resistance is between 106 and 1010 Ω.



Typical properties of SCM5130

Condition Standard Unit SCM5130 SCM5100
Tensile strength 23℃ ISO 527 MPa 90 80
Elongation 23℃ ISO 527 % 1.5 1.0
Flexural strength 23℃ ISO 178 MPa 130 100
Flexural modulus 23℃ ISO 178 GPa 8.0 8.0
Charpy impact strength, notched 23℃ ISO 179 kJ m-2 1.5 1.2
Surface resistance 23℃ ANSI/ESD STM11.13 Ω 106–1010 109–1012


The surface resistance on our website

Surface resistance depends on measurement condition, e.g., sample shapes, surface roughness, thickness, temperature, and so on. The surface resistance on our website is our measured value of our product as sales dimensions in our inspection procedure.
Please be noted that the surface resistance on this website is sometimes different from customer’s measured value on machined parts. Also, storage condition affects the surface resistance.




New grade: SCM5130 — Anti-static PEEK base material