Starting operation in Anotsu-dai 2nd factory

In October, 2018, we held completion ceremony of Anotsu-dai 2nd factory. Then, we installed new manufacturing equipment and transferred the equipment from Kameyama factory.

In February, 2019, the equipment setting up was completed and PBi-am started the production in Anotsu-dai 2nd factory. The working of new factory affects double scale production capacity than Kameyama factory. That means we can keep stable supply of our products to customers.


Completion ceremony


Anotsu-dai 2nd factory



Anotsu-dai factory

In 2012, PBi-am got the place for new factory in Chusei Hokubu Science City, an industrial park of Tsu city, Mie prefecture, to expand production capacity.

Anotsu-dai 1st factory has worked for injection molding and machining since March, 2016. In February, 2019, Anotsu-dai 2nd factory started the production of compression molding and compounding.

Two blocks of factory area still remain in Anotsu-dai factory. Depending on the working status of 1st and 2nd factory, we plan to establish additional factories on this area in future.


Anotsu-dai 1st factory (front) and 2nd factory (back)



Kameyama factory

Kameyama factory was main of compression molding and compounding thus far. The production is gradually sifting to Anotsu-dai factory from Kameyama factory; however, PBi-am will keep small amount of manufacturing equipment in Kameyama factory for BCP: Business continuity planning.



New factory opened