Molding Process

PBI Method

PBI Advanced Materials provides stock shapes by high temperature compression molding using proprietary "PBI Method" and injection molding which is suitable for cost reduction.

Compression molding

Compression molding is a production method of molded materials filled in a mold by a press machine with heat and pressure. Stock shapes for machining made by compression molding has isotropic physical properties with less deformation such as warping phenomenon unlike stocked shapes made by extrusion molding method. Another advantage of the compression molding is to be able to produce small number of trial products with less production cost.

PBI Method

PBI Method is a unique compression molding technology developed and patented by Sato Group.

PBI Method is a molding procedure. The stock shapes are molded simultaneously at high temperature, and under high pressure. After which they are cooled gradually and then ejected. This method is different from the existing PTFE-production method that molds an article under pressure at room temperature and then sinters it in an oven.
PBI Method can give efficient degassing in the molds thus avoiding internal voids in the molded article.

Benefits of Compression Mold Stock Shapes
  • Low warpage
  • Good isotropy in mechanical property
  • Availability of one piece production even though with special fillers
  • Availability of molding a large-sized ring
Stock Shape Size
Stock Shape Size
Size (mm) Thickness (mm)
□400 10~40
□200 10~40
Work flow

Injection molding

As for injection molding, installed injection machines in Sato group are also available dependent on the required production quantity in case of larger quantity than the production capacity of PBi-am, beside the injection molding machines for high temperature process installed in our Product Center. Mold flow analysis shall be practiced by our designers in advance, when the design of injection molded parts has to be done.

Work flow


PBi-am can produce pellets with our extruders after examining the raw materials. We are capable of producing pellets of raw materials developed to meet customers' requirements, since extruders are installed in our Product Center.


PBi-am is capable of producing trial products immediately after the production of stocked shape for a specific customer, since machining center is installed in our Product Center.