PBI Advanced Materials


PBI Advanced Materials (PBi-am) is a company specializing in ultra engineering plastics. PBi-am products are developed as compounded materials using special fillers or carbon fiber.

PBI Advanced Materials

PBi-am produces stock shapes, machined parts, and injection molded parts. All of PBi-am products are designed to customer’s requirements.

Corporate Name PBI Advanced Materials

[ Headquarter – Tokyo ]
MC Hatchobori Building, 2-11-7 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku Tokyo, 104-0032, Japan
TEL: +81-3-6380-6050     FAX: +81-3-6380-6051

[ Headquarter – Mie ]
2768-2, Mukumoto, Geino-cho, Tsu-shi Mie, 514-2211, Japan

Establishment July 8, 2008
Capital JPY 80 million
Shareholder Sato Light Industrial Co., Ltd. 100%

Nobuo Sato – President
Yoshisato Sasaki – Managing Director
Yousuke Sato – Director
Aina Sato – Auditor


[ Product Center ]
1685-1 Kozaki, Seki-cho, Kameyama-shi, Mie, 519-1107, Japan

[ Taiwan ]
Rm.8,4F, No41, Nanjing W.Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City, 10353 Taiwan(R.O.C)

Business Activities Sales, Marketing, and production of PBI and other Ultra Engineering Plastics
Main Applications Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipments, FPD Manufacturing Equipments, PV Manufacturing Equipments, Automotive, Aerospace, etc

Sato Group

Sato group provides complete solutions for customers from design to production through injection molding, machining, ultrasonic welding, and compression molding. In order to increase production efficiency, Sato group has also individually developed production equipment and has highly controlled quality in production. Sato group products are used in a wide range of industrial fields, e.g. OA machine parts, automobile parts, electrical appliances, and semiconductors, etc.

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Since the establishment of year 1954, Sato group has been progressing Total Product Production by full swing from the product development stage through the final assembling stage for diverse industrial applications such as semiconductor, FPD, electric/electronics, household electrical appliance, OA equipment and automotives, based on our proper technology and mainly by producing plastic molded products.

  • [ Head office ]
    Sato Light Industrial Co.,Ltd.

    2768-2, Mukumoto, Geino-cho, Tsu-shi Mie, 514-2211, Japan

  • [ Tsu office ]
    Tokai Denka Industrial Co.,Ltd.

    2768-2 Mukumoto, Geinou-cho, Tsu-shi, Mie, 514-2211, Japan

  • [ Kameyama office ]
    Tokai Denka Industrial Co.,Ltd.

    1685-1 Kozaki, Seki-cho, Kameyama, Mie, 519-1107, Japan

  • [ Ohita office ]
    Tokai Denka Industrial Co.,Ltd.

    1995-6 Shioya, Aki-machi, Kunisaki-shi, Ohita, 873-0212, Japan

History of Polybenzimidazole

PBI has a long history and many companies have involved in its development.

PBI Advanced Materials is a sole distributor of PBI polymer in Japan.

1953 Imidazole derivatives synthesized
1959 Imidazole containing polymer synthesized (alophatic system)
1961 Thermal stability of the aromatic series verified
1964 NASA and AFML supported the research
1983 Hoechst Celanese (US) commercialized the PBI fiber
1989 Hoechst Japan started importing PBI
1994 Hoechst Japan and Sato Group succeeded in producing molded parts domestically
1997 The business transferred to Clariant Japan/td>
2004 The business transferred to AZ Electronic Materials
2008 The business transferred to PBI Advanced Materials